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For each of these services, our Coaches do their best to coordinate with your schedule. Once your account is active, use the form below to schedule an appointment with a Coach and choose the time and communication method that best works for you.

Ever wish you could avoid costly and time-consuming frustrations caused by viruses, software errors, and hardware issues with your computer? Tech Coach Experts provides just that!

By leveraging professional Information Technology training and over 20+ years of combined experience in helping every-day users sort through infections and attacks which could have been avoided, our Tech Coaches work to set you up for success long before the attacks come.

Computer Configuration & Optimization
We remove manufacturer "bloatware" and optimize performance settings to maximize efficiency!

Computer Protection
We install antivirus and antispyware as well as configure automatic routine scans for malware and viruses!

Technical Advice and Consulting
Monthly tech tips, troubleshoot connections, utilization, and software installations, as well as research options for new and replacement devices! 

Mobile Device Support
Mobile devices are at the heart of almost everything we do these days. Let us help you answer questions and provide tips on how you can use your devices to the fullest as part of your life, instead of letting them take over your life!

Scheduled Appointments
We realize our clients lead busy lives, which is why we offer the flexibility for clients to request a consultation with a coach at a time most convenient for them.

Connect With Local Support
In the event that onsite support is required, our Coaches assist to ensure that our clients receive the same level of excellent service. 

Peace of mind from experts you can trust!

  • Loss of data
  • Loss of time and money
  • Unnecessary frustrations
  • Slow computer speeds
  • Devastating viruses
  • Breach of personal info
  • Get the most of out of your technology
  • Computer best practices
  • System upgrades

Follow these simple steps and we'll do all the work!

What problems can we solve?

Computer Support

  • Computer Freezing Up
  • Virus Removal
  • Installation of Anti-Virus & Firewall
  • Setup Internet Connections, Firewall, and Security Software
  • Configuring Firewalls
  • Configuring Security Software
  • Windows Updates
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 or 8
  • Repair DLL Messages or Startup Problems Related to Windows
  • Remove Popup Ads
  • Slow Performance
  • Cannot Connect to the Internet (no issue from ISP side)
  • Unable to Browse Certain Websites
  • Printer Installation
  • Cannot Print, Scan, or Send Fax
  • Microsoft Office Problems
  • Setup of MS Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Problems Sending Bulk Emails
  • Unable to Send or Receive Emails
  • Unable to Download or Install Software or Applications
  • Wireless Internet Setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup
  • Setup and Configure Computer or Laptop
  • Help Using a Digital Camera with your PC
  • Help Printing Photos from a Digital Camera
  • Configuring Ports and Routers to Enhance Security
  • Parental Control Setup
  • Support for Configuring Windows Defender or other Security Software
  • Setup and Support for a Your Mac and Mac Software

Mobile Support

  • Software and app updates
  • Configuration of your settings
  • Setting up and configuring system and app notifications
  • Optimization and management of device storage
  • Organization and customization of the home screen
  • Security and anti-theft settings
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Hands-free device control
  • Moving or restoring data
  • Cloud storage and backups
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Connection and control of smart home devices and apps
  • Camera and microphone settings
  • Errors and crashes
  • How-to’s for many popular applications
  • Shortcuts and cool tricks
  • And much more…

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